Homage to Anthony 1976 White L/S T-Shirt

Homage to Anthony 1976 White L/S T-Shirt

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Celebrate our exhibit of Frederick J. Brown's artwork with this white long sleeve tee featuring the painting, Homage To Anthony 1975.

The American Jazz Museum presents Energy is Jazz, an exhibition of works by esteemed American artist, Frederick J. Brown. The exhibition has been co-curated between The American Jazz Museum and Bentley Brown of the Frederick J. Brown Trust. The exhibit will explore Brown's career and his depiction of jazz artists in portraiture, in addition to the energy and feeling of jazz through visual representation.

The exhibit will feature works from Brown's Portraits series of jazz artists, work and ephemera from his days working in New York at the loft at 101 Wooster St. and works from his collection of abstracted pieces that explore the feeling of jazz.

The exhibition will run between October 26th, 2023, and May 5th, 2024, in the Changing Gallery.

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