Harlem Stomp

Harlem Stomp

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Celebrate one of the most important periods of American cultural history: the Harlem Renaissance! This National Book Award Finalist takes a breathtaking, in-depth look at this fascinating era featuring beautiful illustrations, poetry, and prose.

Determined to make a new start for themselves at the dawn of the twentieth century, many African Americans joined the Great Migration and headed North. For those who landed in Harlem, New York, it was a time of intellectual, artistic, literary, and political blossoming. Influential African American artists and activists took center stage as they captured the attention of the world.

Lavishly designed and illustrated, with photographs, historical documents, and full-color paintings, this virtual time capsule is packed with poetry, prose, and political rhetoric that introduce the amazing lives and work of notable figures such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Sargent Johnson, and Marcus Garvey.

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